Mi-Fi Prototype & Iterations

We made middle fidelity prototype for user testing because we thought it provides users enough information to finish the testing tasks. We conducted two rounds of iterations and improved our design correspondingly.

Version 3


Iteration #1   Quick Portal to ‘Full Schedule’

  • Users hope to know AFF schedule at the beginning,  instead of buying badges. 


Iteration #1   Make the Whole Card Clickable

  • Users think the button is confusing and hard to click. So we make the whole card clickable and noticing users by changing its color while hovering.

Iteration #2   Show Badges First

  • Client hope to encourage visitors buy badges more than passes

Version 3

Version 3


Iteration #1   Strengthen the Correlation Between

                       Badge and Schedule

  • Hope to view the corresponding schedule of each badge but not clear where to go so we directly add a link on the badge detail page.

Iteration #2   Make the Discount Rule Clearer

Version 3

Version 3

Version 3


Iteration #1   Exchange the Position of Timeline     

                       and Venue

  • Users think it is inconvenient to go through the venues because they have to click the inconspicuous arrows many times. 

  • Users don't tend to scroll the venue horizontally but they do to the timeline because we all know a day has 24 hours.

Iteration #2   Stretch the Width of the Calendar

  • To show more content at once and make the filter more unified.


Iteration #1   Differentiate My Schedule and Full


  • Users are easily confused about their situations .

  • The normal calendar is more in line with the user's mental model.