This is               

I recently graduated from UT Austin with a specialization in UX design. I have 5 years of user-centered design experience in different fields like AI, healthcare, and chatbot. I regard myself as a T-shaped product designer who creates intuitive user experiences with lasting business and social value.

In my previous projects, one of my concentrations is human-centered AI. I find it hard for people to trust AI tools, and they often have wrong expectations for AI. Therefore, as a UX designer, my goal is to explain AI decisions in a trustworthy and user-friendly way, helping people better utilize AI instead of being utilized by it.

Currently, I am looking for full-time UX/product design opportunities. 

Besides design, here are some fun facts for me:

🍗  I am a super foodie. One of my talents is I can find excellent food wherever I am. Follow me, you will never be wrong.

👩🏻‍🍳  Also, I am a chef. I cook for my family and friends. I am especially good at cooking Asian cuisines, whether it is Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Thai.

♠️  I love poker games. Believe it or not, I learn product strategies from the game.

📝  I learned Chinese traditional calligraphy for about twenty years. It teaches me to find peace inside my heart.


🌊  My favorite animals are sea otters, which are right now on my head in the avatar.

I guess you now know me well. Feel free to hit me up. I'm happy to share more about my design thinking as well as my daily interests :)